Screaming Queenz are three big gay horror fans and, in a bizarre twist, a token straight.

JON LARKIN is a writer who¬†fell in love with the camp side of horror the first time he saw Paulette Goddard clutch her pearls in Cat and the Canary. He won’t rest until he’s made a horror movie starring the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

MARTIN FENERTY knew the life of terror and trash was for him when he heard stilettos in the street and thought of those kids tapping on the window in Salem’s Lot. He’s tried to recreate that moment ever since using stilettos and kidnapped vampire boys.

JONATHAN BUTLER thinks nothing has ever quite lived up the days of Fulci, Bava and Argento so likes to walk around being badly dubbed by someone else, wearing black gloves and quacking like a duck.

STEPHEN MOORE was actually part of the Scooby Gang in Buffy, he played Anya until Emma Caulfield stole his job. Somewhere between Mean Girls and Hocus Pocus he sits waiting, plotting her doom. And yours.